Take the Leap: Get Your DBA Name for California LLC in 2023

Are you planning to start a business in California? If so, it’s important to know that as of January 1, 2023, all limited liability companies (LLCs) operating in the state must have a Doing Business As (DBA) name registered with the Secretary of State.

This requirement is part of California’s new LLC Act, which aims to make the process of starting and maintaining an LLC more efficient.

Getting your DBA name for your California LLC may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. By taking the leap and registering your DBA name now, you’ll be ahead of the game come 2023 when the requirement becomes mandatory.

In this article, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about registering your DBA name for your California LLC, including why it’s important, how to do it, and what happens if you don’t comply with the new law.

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So let’s dive in!

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Understanding California’s New Llc Act

If you’re a small business owner in California, it’s important to understand the key requirements of the state’s new LLC act. The act was passed in 2021 and will be implemented in 2023, so now is the time to start preparing for any changes that may affect your business.

One of the main goals of the new act is to streamline the process of forming and operating an LLC in California. This includes simplifying the paperwork required to form an LLC, as well as reducing ongoing reporting requirements for existing businesses.

While these changes may make it easier for small businesses to operate in California, it’s important to keep in mind that there may also be new compliance obligations that come with the new act. It’s a good idea to consult with a legal professional or accountant familiar with the new regulations to ensure your business remains compliant and takes advantage of any benefits offered by the updated laws.

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Importance Of Registering A Dba Name For Your California Llc

Now that we understand the new LLC Act in California, it’s important to delve into the significance of registering a DBA name for your LLC.

First and foremost, having a unique DBA name can greatly improve brand recognition and help distinguish your business from competitors. This is especially important in today’s highly competitive market where standing out is key to success.

Furthermore, registering a DBA name also provides legal protection for your business. By doing so, you prevent other companies from using a similar name and potentially causing confusion among customers. This can ultimately save you time and money in legal battles down the road.

So if you’re planning on starting an LLC in california, consider taking the leap and getting your DBA name registered in 2023 to ensure both brand recognition and legal protection for your business.

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How To Register Your Dba Name Step-By-Step

First, let’s gather all the necessary documents we need to file for our DBA name.

Then, we’ll file with the Secretary of State and make it official!

Gather Necessary Documents

Before taking the leap to register your DBA name for your California LLC in 2023, it is important to gather all necessary documents to ensure a smooth process. Understanding the DBA name requirements and availability is crucial in this step.

You will need to have a copy of your LLC’s Articles of Organization, as well as a completed fictitious business name statement that includes your desired DBA name. Additionally, you may need to obtain a business license or permit depending on your industry and location.

By having all necessary documents ready, you can confidently move forward with the registration process and secure your chosen DBA name for your California LLC in 2023.

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File With The Secretary Of State

Now that you have gathered all the necessary documents, it’s time to file your DBA name with the California Secretary of State.

The filing requirements may vary depending on the type of entity and the location, but generally, you will need to complete a form and pay a fee.

Filing your DBA name with the Secretary of State can provide several benefits for your LLC, such as protecting your brand identity and allowing you to operate under a different name than your registered entity.

By completing this step, you can take one step closer to establishing and growing your business in California without any legal obstacles.

Consequences Of Not Complying With The New Law

Not complying with the new law for obtaining a DBA name for California LLC in 2023 can result in serious legal and financial consequences.

The state of California requires all LLCs operating under a fictitious business name to register their DBA with the county where they conduct business.

Failure to comply with this requirement may lead to legal penalties, including fines and other sanctions.

Moreover, non-compliance can also expose your business to financial risks.

Ineligible businesses that fail to obtain a DBA name may not be able to open bank accounts or obtain credit from lenders.

Additionally, your company’s reputation may also suffer if it is found out that you have been conducting business under a fictitious name without proper registration.

It is essential to comply with this new law, not only because it is required by the state but also because it protects your business from potential legal and financial consequences.

Tips For Choosing The Right Dba Name For Your California Llc

Choosing the right DBA name for your California LLC can be a daunting task. It requires creative brainstorming and careful consideration of legal restrictions. Your DBA name is going to represent your business, so it’s essential to choose one that not only sounds good but also accurately reflects the nature of your business.

When coming up with potential names, it’s important to keep in mind legal restrictions imposed by the state of California. Your DBA name must not be too similar or identical to any existing business names, trademarks, or service marks in California. It must also not contain any words that may mislead the public into believing that your business provides services that it does not actually offer.

With these restrictions in mind, you can start brainstorming creative and unique names for your California LLC. Make sure to come up with several options since some names may already be taken!

In the end, choosing the right DBA name for your California LLC is crucial for building your brand identity and attracting customers. By following legal restrictions and utilizing creative brainstorming techniques, you can come up with a name that stands out from competitors and accurately represents your business. Remember: take the time to choose wisely because changing your DBA name later on can be costly and time-consuming!


In conclusion, taking the leap and registering your DBA name for your California LLC in 2023 is crucial. Not only does it comply with the new LLC Act, but it also protects your business from potential legal issues.

Remember to choose a unique and memorable name that represents your brand and aligns with your values.

Don’t let the process intimidate you – follow the step-by-step guide to register your DBA name and ensure that you are in compliance with California law.

By doing so, you’ll set yourself up for success and avoid any negative consequences down the line.

So what are you waiting for? Take the leap and get started today!

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